Sven Väth

Sven Väth is a DJ who has produced a large body of work since his career began in 1982. He was one of the founders of legendary trance music labels Harthouse and the now-defunct Eye Q, as well as being among the very first DJs to play trance records. Today he is the owner of the Cocoon Music & Event GmbH, which contains his Label, Cocoon Recordings. Since his beginnings in the Frankfurt club scene in 1982, when Sven Väth attracted interest with DJ sets of several hours and a completely new understanding of club culture, his name has not only stood for the constant development of this art form called Electronic Music: with his platform Cocoon, he has also revealed a real dedication in the support of young musical talent showing his passion for bringing great music to the fore. He has his fans in the most important clubs across the globe as well as at the world’s biggest festivals, he toured South America and played in the Thai jungle, and he is cultural ambassador of the German Goethe Institute. On the dance floor, he unites thirty-five-year-olds with fifteen-year-olds.

Nina Kraviz

With a long time passion for house and techno that dates back to her days as a journalist, Kraviz is first and foremost a DJ, and one engrained with the roots of her first love – Chicago house and Detroit techno. Her hunger to dig deep into the archives of House and Techno balances all of her sets perfectly between now and then, introducing her fans to where this scene has come from and where it might be heading. This unique sound and uncompromising attitude has led to Kraviz becoming one of the most in demand artists in the world, playing at major festivals like the Amsterdam Dance Event, Coachella, Sonar, Decibel, Awakenings and DEMF, as well as landing a much-coveted residency at Richie Hawtin’s ENTER. project at Space in Ibiza plus regular appearances at clubs including Berghain, Fabric and The Warehouse Project.


Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Gaiser began his musical education studying percussion with the symphony and playing drums in punk rock bands. It quickly transitioned to techno when at the age of fifteen he discovered the endless possibilities of new sounds that only synths and drum machines could provide. Weekend forays into Detroit’s nightlife ultimately led him to move to the city and brought him in touch with the Minus crew. It was only a matter of time until some of Gaiser’s work fell into Richie Hawtin’s hands.

Dana Ruh

Born and raised in Germany‘s small town Gera, Dana Ruh soon found her way to the capital city Berlin and since then has been on a constantly evolving musical journey. In the early years her sound was rooted in techno and landed most often on the label she set up with friend Ann in 2007 (though Anthea also joined the ranks in 2012). Named Brouqade, this label has become a go to outlet for contemporary club sounds and has helped established Dana as one of underground dance music’s leading ladies.


As one of the founding members of Ki, Mitch is a driving force behind the label. The philosophy of Ki means a lot to him, since his musical taste is just as diverse as the Ki Releases. An enthusiasm for Music in general makes him absorb many influences from the past and today, always searching for new inspiration and a way to express emotions with music. His Vinyl only DJ-Set’s cover a wide range crossing the genres and his unique music selection is making people dance at selected clubs and festivals in Germany and abroad.

2nd Floor

Ilario Alicante

Born in late 1988 under the beautiful Livorno’s sun (italy), the „enfant prodige“ Ilario Alicante starts to raise is passion for music at the earliest years of his life,when his mother educated him to listen music for his own pleasure. Time goes by and Ilario takes his first steps into italian nightlife and dj world,first with some average media,experimenting D.I.Y. mixes within the four walls of his own „epic“ room and then digging a personal sound style until he gained the resident-title at „Pachamama Club“ (in Pisa). From this springboard he started hangin around the best italian,german and spanish clubs,finally landing into Cocoon’s family,falling in love at first „sight“ with house music and her thousand shades,waving from latino-ispanic from a minimal-electro sound.


According to Einzelkind doesn’t feel the need to give a lot of biographical info and there’s a good reason for that: he prefers to let the music speak for itself. When we look at his ‘La Perla’ label we know why, as it consistently brings us glorious moments of happiness.

Christian Burkhard

Christian Burkhardt is an artist truly absorbed with the range of sonic possibilities, a producer not content with existing within the realms of House and Techno, but one that is determined to stretch its limits further with his signature sound.
He is releasing on labels like Oslo, Raum…Musik, Pressure Traxx, La Pena, Deep Vibes, Cocoon and his own label CB Sessions. Burkhardt approaches music making with a strong focus on complex rhythms that not only move your body but rise above generic club music.
His masterful use of technology, meshed with the warm sounds of analogue gear and over years of music production experience have tinged his production with a unique sound that other produces praise and DJs never seem to stop playing. Solely on the basis of his productions has he been invited to present the sounds of his Offenbach studio in the form of a live set on almost every continent. And those live sets are by no means just a playlist of Burkhardt hits. This melody and groove obsessed sound pioneer tweaks, layers and twists his sounds differently for every event.
His success is measured best in the pleasure that he finds in making music – a feeling that may start in the club but never ends there.

Dorian Paic

For historians, there are only few better biographies than that of Dorian Paic to illustrate the Techno and House history of Frankfurt: the jet set disco Dorian Gray, a place called Music Hall, Sven Väth’s legendary Omen, the cult club XS or the younger high altars like the Monza or the Robert Johnson in Offenbach – Paic has been involved in one or another way. His mind had been inflamed already years ago. For the intensity and ecstasy that could be found in the clubs in the early years. For the strange mixture of people from all social levels and ways of life and for the taste of the smoke coming from the fog machines. And, of course, for the music. The nineties went by in a blur and Paic did not only become an authority of the downtown hot spot Monza, he also influenced the sound of his city in front of and behind the counter of the record shop institution Freebase. Ricardo Villalobos had Dorian support him on his highly acclaimed „Fabric Mix“, Sven Väth chooses him as his preferred opening DJ at the Love Family Park and also in Ibiza, he is a welcome guest at the Cocoon parties. Laurels all around. But this is no coincidence. Experts don’t appear out of the blue. This can also be seen in Dorian’s work at his label „raum…musik“. Being both the A&R and one of the releasing artists there, he proves that you can also form a great artist roster with convincing releases apart from major/indie mindsets.